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Get Building has recently been created by a team of investors and recognised house builders to help some of those struggling financially through this pandemic and very difficult time. At Get Building our strategy is pretty simple. If you are a business person or homeowner that owns your own premises or property and you feel it has development potential we would like to speak to you.

Your cashflow may be struggling currently and it is here where we can help you. We will discuss what your financial needs are and how best to solve these. We will also discuss the property(s) that you own and how we feel we could get better value from it by making it into a development site

Our plan would be to try and support you financially for a circa 12 month period, whilst in the background we put our experienced team to work on getting the relevant planning permission on your property. It is at this point that we would then complete on the transaction of your property.

Property values and terms of business would all be agreed in advance and documented through the normal legal channels. With the difficulties in the world currently, if we can help some of those whose livelihoods are at jeopardy and enhance what they have, for the benefit of both, then this is what we hope to achieve.

Best Regards

George Nixon - Managing Director

How it works

  1. We find out about your personal circumstances , whether this be a business with premises you own or a home with development potential.

  2. We discuss in general terms your financial situation and requirements and if we might be able to assist.

  3. If we both feel there may be a fit, we discuss a value for your property in the current market and what we would plan to do with your property.

  4. We agree terms of business to buy your property , by way of a binding Option agreement, subject to us getting the necessary planning permission.

  5. During the term of planning, approximately 12 months, we help you where needed financially and we pay for the planning and legals to get everything in place.

  6. Once we have planning we exercise the Option agreement and agree dates for when you are to vacate the property. 

  7. The method is very straight forward and is something we are very used to doing. At no point will we require you to leave your property until after we have received the full planning for development and you are paid in full.


Here are some of our previous and existing projects
Meadow Mill - Stockport

Meadow Mill is a grade II listed, former textile Mill located in Greater Manchester. Measuring over 175,000 sqft, the property was purchased unconditionally and planning obtained for 213 flats with ground floor commercial.


An 18-month option agreement was signed with the landowner of the existing detached property. Planning permission was obtained to knock down the existing property and erect 19 apartments.


A former Sports & Social Club was purchased unconditionally. Planning permission was granted to knock down the property and replace with 5 apartments and 3 houses.

South Norwood

Joint venture agreement entered into with the landowner of 12 dilapidated garages. Planning permission secured at the first attempt for 3 houses and 4 flats.

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